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What makes us confident to offer you an assistance in any of these complex business fields? Our solutions running 24/7 in production of the most demanding industries.

Training & Optimization

Bringing solutions to complex machine learning applications has been our focus for more than a decade. You can use us to consult the right algorithmic approach for your task. Or you can use our development services to get a robust, turn key AI solution.

Annotation of big data sets

Very robust and high performant algorithms may require very large data sets to implement. It is not rare to encounter data sets containing millions of measurements. We have worked with such volumes. You may use our experience and tools to offload the task to a reliable partner like us.

Algorithm testing

Measuring the performance of an algorithm is a key success driver. Our partners are used to receiving performance metrics together with the resulting AI solution. We can help you to establish similar processes or use our tools to deliver performance statistics.

Quality control

Whether you are producing puzzles or circuit boards you will want to check for the quality of your product. We have been helping our partners in selection of the right equipment, choosing the right software tools. We are more than consultants, we are keen on accepting the risks and delivering the turn key solution.

Robot guidance

Production processes are being challenged by new technologies and principles. We have been bringing dynamics into production lines by providing the senses that can be used to guide the manipulators in a changing environment. We can help you with the implementation of a vision system or with the development of turn key solution.

Image processing

Image processing is the origin of our existence. We have been the pioneers delivering machine vision software at times it was not a widely used technique to solve automation tasks. Today, you can benefit from our long journey by consulting our lessons learnt or by using us as a reliable supplier of machine vision solutions.


Crucial task you have to solve when building an AGV is to determine the vehicle's location. Our R&D specialists for mobile robotics are currently busy developing a robust, industrial grade localization system. Are you ready to push your AGVs to next industrial generation with us?

If you are considering the use of 3rd party for localization, we would love to see your use cases and to possibly place them into our ongoing development roadmap.


Knowing your vehicle's location, the next task awaiting you is being able to navigate from one spot to another. In our mobile robotics stack, we are currently preparing a robust and flexible navigation system. You have the option to restrict the movement in your preferable area or let the system plan a dynamic route.

If you are considering the use of 3rd party for navigation, we would love to see your use cases and to possibly place them into our ongoing development roadmap.

Planning & Scheduling

Being able to move your AGV around is usually not enough in today's demanding world. For the solution to be useful, it needs to dynamically react to surrounding conditions that are constantly changing. Therefore, at the top of our mobile robotics stack, we have an efficient planning and scheduling of production related tasks.

If you are considering the use of 3rd party for planning & scheduling, we would love to see your use cases and to possibly place them into our ongoing development roadmap.

Cloud based solutions

The complexity of projects we are running has brought us early enough to the cloud environment. As a provider of our own SaaS solutions and as a partner to our clients, we have gained a lot of hands on experience with all the different technologies. We are here to help you get started with your cloud ambitions.

FinTech solutions

Combination of AI together with large volume of financial data opens new business opportunities. Having references in banking sector makes us an ideal partner for more complex tasks than just nice graphical representation of database tables. We can help to unlock the potential of your data.

System integration

Integration of different systems is a common element for all fields of our broad portfolio. We integrate heterogeneous systems on everyday basis. We can help you to connect embedded system residing at the shop floor with your ERP system. We can also help you to connect different services in your complex banking environment.

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