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What makes us confident to offer you an assistance in any of these complex business fields? Our solutions running 24/7 in production of the most demanding industries.


Making data driven decisions within the context of project management, task & time & people management has always been a challenge for every responsible leader. During the past 15 years of our existence we have tackled this topic with internally developed tools and we have decided to relase them for commercial use.

Machine vision tools

Image processing is the origin of our existence. We have been the pioneers delivering machine vision software at times it was not a widely used technique to solve automation tasks. Today, you can benefit from our long journey along which we develop the whole infrastructure and framework for vision project support.

Smart illumination

We have a lot of projects in the serial production. We were not able to find linear light for our line scan cameras that would handle high conveyor speeds and high scaning rates. So we developed our own. Now you can use our high power light with advanced communication and diagnostics also in your challenging projects.

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We are looking on ways how to help with our expertise in artificial inteligence and machine vision.

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