The REX Ecosystem

Mobile Robotics Stack

Software to drive your mobile robotic platforms.

High Level Architecture

Software to drive your mobile robotic platforms.

at the Edge
or in the Cloud

Map management
Fleet Management
Real Time Monitoring
Planning & Scheduling

at the Robotic

Actuator Control

Main Features

Our R&D specialists in field of mobile robotics are currently working hard to iterate through the experiences gained in production and bring an industry grade ecosystem for your mobile platforms.

Fleet Management

Software package dedicated to management of your mobile robot fleet. It provides a web based user interface that lets you administer your physical devices, cluster them and plan their maintenance.

Map Management

Software package dedicated to management of all meta data related to the surrounding production environment. It is constantly being modified by the mobile robots in the field. All mobile robots are contributing to map management by uploading information like traffic or changes in the surrounding environment. It also support manual human interaction.


Planning & Scheduling

Software package dedicated to receiving requests for production tasks and converting these into plans for individual mobile robots. It also performs optimizations based on their positions and traffic.

Real Time Monitoring

Software package dedicated to real time diagnostics of the system. Web based interface can be used to view the position of every mobile robot and to display their immediate status.



Software and hardware package dedicated to determination of mobile robots’s position. Our algorithm uses a fusion of multiple sensor data to make the position estimation robust in different industrial environments.


Software package dedicated to transformation of immediate route plan to a set of directional instructions being processed by the control unit.


Control Unit

Software package dedicated to transformation of directional instructions either to directly control actuators or to interface a controller responsible for platform motion and technology.

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Projekt “Systém navigace, lokalizace, řízení a plánování pro flotilu autonomních mobilních robotů”, číslo projektu FW03010020,  je spolufinancován se státní podporou Technologické agentury ČR v rámci Programu TREND.
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