An end-to-end framework for AI projects

Develop with Confidence

Manage your image processing projects
with an instant insight
and absolute control.

Boost your machine vision management

Enable all stakeholders to gain an insight into all parts of AI projects.
BeeYard has special features for developers, testers and managers.

your data

BeeYard allows you to organize data into data cells and save them to a secured central storage. This way you can get more work done in less time and optimize the workload while focusing on the most important work.

Develop with confidence

BeeYard is a tool for quick and efficient development.
You can test all updates with various parameters above the dataset before releasing them to production. It allows objective comparison of results of all algorithm versions.

in real time

Distributed annotation and labeling can be performed simultaneously with the development. With BeeYard all team members can cooperate in an adjustable hierarchy.

Gain more insights

BeeYard has features to collect and analyze your data during production and perform queries that return past data. The algorithm traceability feature can identify and measure the performance of each version of your algorithm. The production history and visualization are available for evaluation.

Solve production challenges

Learn how BeeYard helps with common
machine learning challenges in real-life production.

Reduced number
of customer complaints

A defect in a single product can lead to a claim for the entire series. BeeYard allows you to manage algorithms for full product quality control and number of customer complaints can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Definition of production quality key elements

BeeYard helped our clients define metrics and describe the production process. Based on the collected and analyzed data, it was possible to automate and speed up the entire process of production. You can now utilise the same process.

Unstable conditions
in production

Fluctuations in environmental conditions in production cause repeated problems in the machine vision process. The causes are identified with BeeYard. By providing the tools for debugging the algorithm, the problems cease. Regular technician check-ups are no longer required.

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Project Workflow with BeeYard

With our framework you can manage the entire life-cycle of your machine vision project.
BeeYard covers all steps in a machine vision workflow or machine learning application.

Start with a feasibility study

To build a successful machine vision project you need to determine its scope at the beginning. Any vision project can be affected by many factors such as optical conditions, accuracy requirements etc. The feasibility study can be performed within a very short time using BeeYard.

Develop your prototype

To avoid the manual and time-consuming process of gaining images, we build bridges between developers and your hardware. With BeeYard you can setup either local storage or direct connection the cloud. With advanced data management your developers always get the correct and latest data to work with.

Deploy your machine vision project

The process of data management and remote support starts to be much more challenging once your systems are deployed worldwide. BeeYard is a powerful tool to process the data effectively and provide you with reports that can support your business decisions.

Provide lifetime support

Your customers need full support. You need to stay ahead of your competition with new versions and features. BeeYard can leverage the data you collect from your systems with data mining features, online statistics, reports and updates. With full history and algorithm cross-validation, you always deliver a working solution.

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