We support your Data Science initiatives

Our strong expertize and long term focus on Machine Learning makes us the best partner to your data science teams and projects. We can augment your existing team with our data scientists or provide a custom high-quality dataset for your Machine Learning model. With our experts and toolset we can step into a Machine Learning project at any stage.

Keep focus on your business and delegate the heavy lifting to us

We provide industry-focused data services for AI and ML product development for each project size, respecting your time and budget. We are experts on industrial machine learning with a core focus on machine vision. Our comprehensive services leverage thousands of hours of experience in data collection, data storage in hybrid cloud environments, management of datasets and data preparation to create algorithm-ready high-quality data consisting of 2D/3D images, data from sensors, and other metadata.

Delegate these challenges to us

Analysis of business opportunities

Concept design

  • Definition of comprehensive ML strategy.
  • Specification of the ground truth.
  • Analysis of the required infrastructure.
Digital project planning

Data Collection

  • Collection of heterogeneous data at the Edge.
  • Management of the data in hybrid-cloud scenario.
  • Secure storage as single source of truth.
Software Architecture

Dataset Annotation

  • Labeling & annotation of large datasets.
  • Semantic segmentation of large datasets.
  • Quality assurance of dataset annotation.
Software Modernization

Dataset Management

  • Dataset versioning & history tracking.
  • Dataset augmentation & pruning.
  • Fine grained access management.
Artificial Intelligence

Learning of ML models

  • Application of Deep Learning techniques.
  • Combining of Black Box & White Box algorithms.
  • Delivery of ML models with predictable performance.
Machine Vision

ML model monitoring

  • ML performance analysis & improvements.
  • Continuous ML model performance monitoring.
  • Alerting on performance degradation.

Machine Learning based Image Processing is the core of our data services

Whether it is manufacturing, heavy industry, automotive or tire production, we are experts in designing and delivering on industrial data collection needs for the most demanding projects. We actively develop and maintain resources for data collection and labeling of 2D/3D images. We have a dedicated team focused on building datasets for industry-focused ML/AI projects.

Our solutions are running at top companies