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We are an EU based software company specialised in designing entreprise and vision information systems that help with overall company efficency & production process automation.

A bit about DataVision

We are a team of dedicated innovators, machine vision and machine learning specialists.
DataVision has a 15 years of expertise in various fields of computer sciences related to Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Image processing and of course SaaS & Enterprise Systems. Our code is running in automotive factories and business facilities all over the world.‚Äč

Image processing

We help companies automate sophisticated processes by applying computer vision. This technique can bring innovative approaches to tasks and workflows that traditionally only humans were able to solve. Our expertise lays in the field of Quality Inspections, Guidance, Position determination, Product recognition etc.

Artificial intelligence

Let computer think like a human. We can do so by applying innovative techniques inspired by the principles of how the human brain works. Orchestration of production, classification of products, recognition of faces, reading of handwritten text and other complex situations can now be solved. With our expert team, we know how.


Gold, oil and data - extremely valuable resources. Deep analysis of data generated by your processes can lead to extensive optimizations and increased efficiency. Handling large sets of data, annotating and processing them and extracting fundamental information is what we are passionate to deliver to our clients.

Open Job Positions

Brno, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic