High Power and Configurable LiLi

Linear Lighting Device

Developed by professionals for professionals. Packed with features such as programmable segments, industrial connectivity, various colours and much more.

Professional lights for professionals

Narrow beam

Light output focused in a narrow beam is an ideal fit for line cameras applied not only for real-time inspections on conveyor belt. Beam width is defined for distances of up to 2 meters.

High frame rate

Flicker-free luminous output of up to 2800 lumens per 100 milimeter is a great choice especially for high speed applications allowing to achieve extremely high frame rates of image capturing. Low power variant is also available.

Perfect fit for any application

Linear light's length is configurable from 200 to 800 milimeter in 100 milimeter step. Standard color is white 6200 K which makes it suitable for machine vision applications. Other lengths/colors available upon request.

Industrial communication

Using RS-485 and Modbus protocol brings simple and reliable communication with the Linear Light even in harsh industrial environment. Trigger input and output relying on current-loop are ready for robust synchronization your entire system.

Robust and reliable

Light is equipped with onboard overheat protection and extensive diagnostics. Reading out of internal temperatures, fan speeds, LEDs currents or other diagnostic values can allow you to reduce downtime of your application.

Highly configurable

Light has a lot of configuration possibilities from requested LED power for each segment to behavior of trigger input. It can be controlled through communication interface in runtime or configuration can be saved in device's memory for communication-less applications.

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