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Say farewell to the dreadful
"Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:"

Endless email chains are a plague on productivity since the conception of email.
With our collaborative tools for project, task, people & time management, you can get rid of email chains once and for all.

Time & People, Projects & Tasks

Saving time and money to both
freelancers and larger teams as well.

Make better

Making fact based decisions can be difficult when the data required are hidden in email chains, scattered in shared drives and many communication channels your company uses. We have a solution for that.

Track time, projects & tasks

You are entitled to have a clear picture of what projects and tasks are happening, who is doing what and how exactly does the flow look. Are there any bottlenecks? Is everyone on the same page? We can help with that.

Traceability of responsibility

Transparency and traceability are he key components of process efficiency. Whether you are a freelancer or a corporation, in order to reliably grow you simply need to make sure that everything works as intended. We can help with that.

Transparent & Effective

Transparent project management
and effective task distribution.

Clear overview
of ongoing activities

Life is easier when every project, operation or task is clearly visible. When your collaborators can easily submit reviews or approvals and you can clearly navigate through your workday while knowing exactly what is being done, how much time is being spent and by whom.

With instant data access to keep everyone in the know.

Everyone hates filling timesheets, reports and the everpresent bureaucracy. So we made it as easy as possible.

Trusted daily
Our software solutions are running all over the world in private instances of our customers. Leverage the experience of thousands tracked projects and enjoy the results of more than five years of development.
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Do you want a smart way to manage projects?

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