Contactless in-line optical inspection of tire marking

See how we developed a solution to significantly improve production effectiveness by increasing production quality and decreasing manual work associated with the inspection of tire marking.


Various markers, such as color and adhesive markers, are used as orientation guide while mounting tires on the rim and must therefore be clearly visible and valid. Tire manufacturers must ensure that the pieces produced have markers of the required quality. Otherwise, they risk a complaint, where the customer refuses to take over the entire manufactured batch. So far, the quality inspection has been done manually and has not ensured 100% reliability that the markings on the tires are really free of defects. This generated high additional costs both associated with the manual inspection and with the costs of complaints and returns. Also, the reputation of tire manufacturers and overall brand awareness deteriorated if the quality of supplies did not meet the expectations of customers of these premium brands. The ultimate goal was to automate the manual process of quality verification of each single tire on the manufacturing line utilizing robust machine learning algorithms for overall vision control and monitoring of the production.


DataVision developed robust optical solutions for automated quality control and detection of defective pieces. The system leverages the power of a robust machine learning model powered by BeeYard TM platform that delivers reliable results even for demanding industrial conditions such as various illumination, dirt on the tires, or light reflections on the acquired 2D images.

The deployment of an automated vision system makes the process of quality assurance much more reliable and precise as no defective tire goes undetected.

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