Empower your industry with robust Artificial Intelligence solutions

Properly identifying the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) projects is a primary condition for their tangible business impact. We help you solve traditional business challenges in radically new ways, providing customized AI-powered solutions built on our own robust ML / AI platform BeeYard ™.

We can accelerate your mission-critical production lines. We can ensure quality control for every product of your production. We can predict machine failures. We trace every detail about your production. We harness the power of data analytics, and our commitment is to deliver solutions with a measurable business value.

We empower industries to teach machines

Why choose DataVision for AI solutions?


We leverage Artificial Intelligence capabilities to innovate your business

Manual work reduction

We released operators of tire production lines from doing error-prone manual quality control and enabled them to focus on more advanced tasks.

Machine Vision Deep Learning

Assembly line automation

We improved automation of car production by applying contact-less optical robot guidance system.

Machine Vision Machine Learning XXL dataset

Autonomous driving

We fuse data from multiple sensors to build a robust system for autonomous driving of mobile robots.

Machine Vision Machine Learning

AI-driven quality inspection

We improved production quality of electrical connectors by deploying a 3D contact-less optical system.

Machine Vision

Advanced data analytics

We delivered a best-in-class label verification system by building a robust OCR model.

Machine Vision XXL dataset

Task automation

We automated the process of current market price estimation by deploying a robust ML model.

Deep Learning XXL dataset

We stand behind BeeYard, the industry-proven machine learning platform

An image-centric machine learning platform. The only end-to-end and all-in-one ML platform on the market fully compliant with Industry 4.0 standards.

  • Storage of heterogenous data types, optimized for image data.
  • Runs in Hybrid Cloud environments.
  • Perfect for Composite AI tasks.
  • Compatible with major Machine Learning frameworks.
  • Covers the full lifecycle of bulding a Machine Learning model.
  • AI-assisted labeling and annotation.
  • Deployment, operationalization and instantiation of ML models (MLOps).
  • Advanced image analytics.

The experience and ownership of a leading machine learning platform gives us unique opportunity to provide our clients with diverse levels of services and outsourcing scenarios. We provide BeeYard to in-house Data Science teams or we can deliver robust, customized models or anything in between. The level of service is always determined by the requirements of our business partners and the level of their expertize.


Our solutions are running at top manufacturers