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Our mission-critical top-performant highly-available systems are deployed at top global companies.

Our solutions deliver measurable business value

Operational Effectiveness

We accelerated the production lines of a major car manufacturer by a contactless robot guidance system.

Product Quality Improvement

We ensured top product quality by automated package content verification at major furniture manufacturer.

Cost Reduction

We digitalized manual internal processes and back-office operations while ensuring significant time and costs savings at fintech industry.

Quantified Results

We reduced the number of customers’ claims by an automated quality inspection system in tire production.

Insights from Data

We developed a robust OCR model for automated reading and verification of various product labels and codes.

Labor Reduction

We replaced inaccurate manual control with highly precise contactless inspection of pin connectors.

Discover your digital transformation opportunities!

Let us analyze your business and deliver a taylor-made solution.

We drive your digital business

We derive insights from your data that can solve your business challenges. At DataVision, we believe in the power of data, and our commitment is to deliver robust solutions that have a measurable impact. We are the right transition partner who helps you utilize the opportunities offered by today’s most disruptive technologies, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.


Quick News

18 AUG

Machine Vision activities in Italy

We are extending our team in Italy by machine vision engineers. We are following up on our successful business model in Central Europe by building a machine vision competence center in Italy.

13 AUG

Initiatives in medical industry

We have initiated discussions with a leading supplier of medical devices on business cases connected to systematic collection of multi sensoric data, data storage, track & trace and machine learning.

07 AUG

Opening a new office in Livorno

We have finally opened the new office located at Grotta delle Fate 41, Livorno, Italy. The office is hosting our colleagues operating in R&D and marketing & sales.

01 AUG

BeeYard product launch update

We are happy to announce that we will do the product launch of BeeYard together with Gartner, the advisory company.